#BreakingNews: Unconscious Liesby D. W. Brown now available on kindle!

All you James Patterson fans! We have something just for you! Unconscious Lies is now available to order on kindle.  Click on the book cover to check it out.0985182172

What does it mean when only you can see the strange people inhabiting your home? When you call out to your wife to un-strap you from your bed, but she seems not to hear? This is what is happening to Peter Lawson.   He can’t seem to remember anything from his past, and has to rely on the words that his wife is telling him.

Since he can’t remember anything about his past, Pete must take his wife’s word for everything.  But can she be trusted?  Why hasn’t anyone around town heard of the firm where she claims to work?  What is she hiding?

The dreams Pete keeps having about murdering six people seem too real not to be true.  The feeling of sticking his blade into the old man’s chest should’ve been something he disliked, but the fact that he enjoyed it was undeniable.  Still, why would a simple woodworker enjoy taking another man’s life?


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