#BreakingNews! Now Available Nationwide, Faces of the Game by Mandi Mac

Find out what everyone is talking about! Faces of the Game by Mandi Mac, is now available on Nationwide!


Chelle is a true go-getter that will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Intelligent, beautiful, and charismatic, she is always the life of the party enjoying the night life that Atlanta has to offer. Even though she is faced on a daily basis with jealousy and drama from family and friends, this does not stop Chelle from achieving her dream, and graduating from college. On her way to this prestigious occasion, demons from her boyfriend Chip’s past resurfaces, during a routine traffic stop changing her life forever. As the drama, secrets, and lies become unraveled, Chelle is faced with a deadly ultimatum. This fast paced, novel will show how the underlying loyalty of an up and coming diva, is challenged making her display her true face of the game.


#BreakingNews Blind Evidence by Derrick Burke Available on Kindle

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Follow Rasan, as he goes through a battle of loving the wrong woman. A known ladies man, his charm and grace entitles him to being the target of affection with a multitude of women, but he commits to the one that doesn’t love him at all. Caught in a turmoil of love, lies, and deception, Rasan tries to escape his one-sided relationship. In the mist of his exit plan, Rasan is framed and becomes the suspect in a chilling murder. With all evidence pointing towards Rasan, his best friend Devin is the only one that can clear his name, but disappears along the way. With limited resources Devin’s fiancé comes to Rasan rescue, only to expose him to some disturbing news that would rehash childhood memories and change the true meaning of his life forever. This action packed thriller will leave the reader understanding how one s perception can be change by the simple words I love you.

Free, Free, Free! From the Pen of Ni’cola

Hello all!

I am excited about my upcoming release, Love Don’t Walk Away…People Do.  I am so excited, that on Monday February 25, 2013, I am giving away the first chapter for absolutely free!

Please take the time and download your copy today, and tell me what you think! Get your copy now! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BKFNY2K


Sunny, a young attractive choreographer, is attempting to make a name in the industry. Upon attending a youth basketball game she has a chance encounter with DeVe’, an entertainment manager looking to manage the next star on the horizon. The two women decide to become partners on the way to the top and over time they become friends.

Besides being young and naive in the entertainment industry, Sunny and DeVe’ have one other thing in common which can be an asset as well as a hindrance. They are both very gorgeous woman in an industry that sees them as nothing more than sex objects to be dismissed when real business is being discussed. During their rise to the top, both women face issues in the industry that seems to be more and more cut throat, so that is what they must become to gain respect. Issues come about as they try to stay consistent in their careers and at the same time hold on to their personal relationships.

From the pen of Ni’cola comes a story of two determined women who must manage their careers alongside their personal lives. During this journey, each woman experiences love and lost, heart-ache and pain, judgments and labels, as they find out that love is not the factor that walks away, people do.

We are now accepting submissions for short stories!!!!

Praise for When is Strong, Strong Enough by Souraya Christine #TeamNCM

I truly enjoyed Souraya’s book, When is Strong… I applaud her for her transparency. Others can be helped when wrong doers are exposed. It is the adversary’s job to make the victim feel guilty. Stay strong, girl.~Carol Fowler

Thank you from NCM Publishing

First we would like to say thank you for your continued support! We would not be here without you, so again we would like to say thank you. My Mama’s Sweet Potato Pie by Kay Gibbie and A Cold Piece by Ni’cola, has both been nominated for The prestigious African American Literary Award Show. The Voting Process for the 8th Annual African American Literary Awards Show will begin on Monday, June 30th! The African American Literary Award Show will be held on Thursday, September 27, 2012 in New York City.

Please take the time and vote for these NCM authors by clicking http://www.literaryawardshow.com/voting.html.

Thank you once again . We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events, appearances, online, or just hearing from you.

Promo Video for When is Strong, Strong Enough Available Nationwide!!!!

Miles Apart by Tamika Melvin Williams Available Now Nationwide!!!!

Promo Video from the pen of Ni’cola A Cold Piece

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