The Twins by Danisha Ford has a new look!

The first installment of a three part Trilogy, the Twins by Danisha Ford is back with a new look.  It is not too late to take the time and read this true to life story will leave you on the edge of your seat as you follow the twins.  this story shows how NeDasia (the good twin) and Nefeteria (the bad seed) Stevens deal with rape, lies, deception, and eventually murder.

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A breakout, coming-of-age novel that follows the sweet and bitter times of a set of north New Jersey sisters, who live very separate lifestyles, all while being raised in the same crowded and extended family household.
Penned by up-and-coming writer, Danisha Ford, The Twins is the first of a heart-stirring trilogy that dissects NeDasia (the good twin) and Nefeteria (the bad seed) Stevens on their romp through adolescence, middle school and eventually high school.
Beginning with an unspeakable violation from an older cousin that comes back to haunt them both, the twins find themselves forced to overcome one challenging experience after another as they shuffle from various family homes and apartments, endure fights and secrets, boyfriends and crushes and go from drama to turmoil, most of which is self-inflicted.
The Twins, an enchanting read about sisterhood and family to reflect on and share with all girls who have or wished they had one.

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